new blog

Hi there!  I have officially moved my blog over to WordPress, so if you read me, you can find my new blog here!  It's really nice, so please come check it out.  I will be taking this one down eventually, as I have exported everything over there.


I have arrived safely in Ohio, and it's great!  I haven't had a lot of time to post because my mom and I are running around shopping and getting settled, but as soon as I have a good chunk, I'm going to start my new blog on Wordpress!  I am really excited.  :oD


Today I finally finished the socks I started during Spring Break.  They turned out really nice!  I just wish I had a set of sock blockers..


I really like the subtle color changes of this yarn.  It was one of those things I bought on an impulse off of Ebay, and I'm quite pleased.  Yarn Treehouse is the brand, and they have a lot more colorways and weights available on their site.  Also, the pattern I used for these socks is called Monkey, and it can be found here.


Since I had such a long time between classes and finals this year, I've had a really difficult time focusing on studying.  This, of course, just means more knitting..
Hi there!

I finished Leah's gloves today!  Aren't they great?  I really think she's going to love them.  The pattern I used to make them can be found here.  I know they look totally different in the pattern picture, but I just used the basic parts of the pattern for making gloves in one color.  Now that I've done it once, maybe I'll make a pair for myself someday.


I know exactly what the leftovers are destined to be.  :o)  Also, the pair of socks I'm working on should be finished either tonight or tomorrow, and after that I'll have nothing left to distract me but packing (ecch) and planning new projects for the summer (yay).


So, it's been a really long time since I blogged last.  The end of my senior capstone project and the beginning of finals left me with little to no free time.  However, now that the year is really ending, I'm going to have a lot more time to do things like knit and bake..and write about it.  :o)  As a side note, this summer I intend to move my blog over to Wordpress.  I'll post more about that later when it actually happens.  So if you're reading this and you're not a close friend of mine or my mom (which I highly doubt at this point), keep that in mind.  It's going to be incredible.

In any case, I made a cake.  Actually, I made three cakes.  I think this picture pretty much sums up the deliciousness contained therein.


The cakes were "Tres Leche" cakes (that means "three milks" in Spanish!), and if you're looking for the recipe, you can find it here from Food Network.  Go Alton Brown!

More knitting to come soon!  I'm currently working on a pair of gloves for Leah, and they're nearly finished.  :oD

be green

There was this awesome sustainability fair on the Mall yesterday. I think they did a really good job with it. The signs that they had with facts on them were all written on old cardboard boxes, and there were a lot of people out there, including local vendors. I think one of the coolest things about this fair, however, was some of the posters they had hanging around campus:


It's made out of paper with wildflower seeds pressed into it!  I was lucky enough to snag it when my class got out at 2 (right when the fair ended).  I just got some soil to plant a few other things, and I have a ridiculous amount left, so I'm going to plant the poster!  :oD

Seeds!  It has SEEDS!!

Here's a closeup of what the seeds look like in the paper.  Whoever invented this is a genius.


Twin Loaves

Although it may seem exciting to find an unlimited variety of recipes online, sometimes it's just better to bust out your old Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook.  The French bread I made last week was great, and even though I thought some guy's random sourdough recipe that popped up first thing on Google looked reasonable, I fully intend for my next sourdough experience to be had through the magic of BHG, and I'm willing to bet that it's going to turn out a whole lot better.

THIS is what a month and a half of hard work gets you?!

Sourdough Bread

I finally made my sourdough bread, and it was kind of gross.  It didn't really rise the second time around, and it's just..not delicious.  You'd figure you spend HOW long helping those little guys grow?  It should taste like the best bread you've ever had.  I'm so disappointed that I just want to run out and buy some yeast and make some French bread to make myself feel better.


I've been so bogged down with school, I haven't been able to do anything fun in a while.  Ergo, I have no pictures and no fun things to work on. However, I'm quite looking forward to a trip to the yarn store this Friday.